Tango Classes in Sydney

Classes & Curriculum


FREE beginner class  - 6.30 pm first Tuesday of the month 

No partner required, bookings  essential.

General level class  - 7.30 pm every Tuesday


The Love Tango curriculum is designed to take our regular students through continual learning and development.

Casual attendance is welcome, however students will get the most out of attending all tango classes throughout the month, which are designed to develop and deepen the theme as the month progresses.

Stay posted on what themes are running each month, as well as other special workshops and events on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/lovetangosydney/



Course rate - monthly 

$20 per class equivalent  - monthly payment paid on or before the first Tuesday of the month.

Monthly fees are not transferable to another party.

Casual rate

$25 per single class

Full time student discounts: 20%


Free social dancing till 11.00 pm.

2 for 1 offer

If you're new to Love Tango.

Bring your partner or friend for free.

2 for 1 Conditions:

Applies for up to 2 consecutive months of classes.

Partner/ friend must be dancing in opposite roles (ie one leader, one follower).



Group tango classes only:

Upstairs at the Colombian Hotel

 117/125 Oxford St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010.