About Love Tango

Only through understanding the fundamentals cant we truly dance - 

Learn - the fundamentals

Embed - them in your muscle memory

Create - a beautiful tango experience 

Catrina - principle instructor


Catrina’s journey in Argentine tango for more than 10 years has been intense, coinciding and becoming her landing pad, during an extreme personal crisis. 

Absorbing herself in the tango of Buenos Aires, where she was located for over a year, Catrina learned with many teachers esteemed around the world to this day, and has deeply investigated the principles, techniques and connection through tango - which allures us in to this obsessive world.

She dances and teaches equally as a leader and follower bringing her an intricate understanding of both roles. She teaches tango as a conversation to be explored and developed in the couple, rather than a series of steps or sequences. This important distinction allows us to truly converse with our partner through the dance and express ourselves in the music with any partner and in any space.

Mona - director music dos chicas


Mona's passion and drive have given her a rapid trajectory in her tango and she has made an indelible mark on the Sydney Argentine Tango community. Not content with mediocrity, Mona pushes the development of tango across every sphere in which she is involved. 

This has seen her heavily engaged with various groups, including Tango Synergy, Sydney's local tango association, as well as co-building some of Sydney's most popular tango events of recent years. 
She has become a regular DJ at Sydney events and also DJ'ed in one Buenos Aires hippest practicas on her most recent visit. For Dos Chicas, she demands the best music Sydney has to offer.

Mohamed (Mo) - instructor


Mo started his tango journey in 2010. Since then he has traveled the world for tango, learning with many of the world’s most acclaimed tango instructors.  As a social dance aficionado  he continues to attend international dance festivals at every opportunity. 

More than just  a sought after dancer in the  Australian tango scene, through his passion for tango music, Mo has also become an esteemed tango DJ across Australasia.